Fascination and Beauty…

lone wolf

Nirrimi, a 19 year old from Australia who possesses a beautiful talent for photography. Self-taught since the tender age of 13 she developed her talent in North Queensland, Australia, and continued to develop it through her passion for travelling and evergrowing wanderlust. This constant diligence immediately becomes clear when you start browsing through her on-going albums. Whether it be shooting doe-eyed little girls or full-fledged models, Nirrimi manages to capture a sense of beauty and innocence that a lot of photographers struggle to do.




The sense of freedom in her work that is almost reminiscent of childhood has no question evolved from her upbringing. She describes her parents as ‘…wild and free…’ and that they brought about a youth that was ‘…unconventionally beautiful’. Even today, it appears she enjoys shooting those close to her, whether it is her beautiful daughter Alba or her lover, another aspiring photographer and filmmaker Matt Caplin.

Nirrimi brings a sense of obscurity to her models, that make each picture they’re in look like an exciting yet peculiar story. She manages to strike the perfect balance with vibrant colours and clever composition, and every shot leaves you wanting that little extra more.

The photos and video below are from the recent Billabong European Roadtrip photographed and filmed by Nirrimi and Matt. You can view the full photo set here.

S x

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